Records Management Services


Records Management Services

The University Archives serves as the institutional memory of UNC Charlotte. It is the official repository for university records of enduring administrative, fiscal, legal and historical value. We also offer records analysis services to the university.

We work with university offices to interpret the North Carolina University System General Records Retention and Disposition schedule, which governs how long particular records are to be retained, when they can be destroyed, and which records should be sent to the University Archives. We also provide assistance with performing records surveys and inventories, creating program-specific retention schedules, preparing records for archival transfer, and retrieving materials from records center storage.

Transferring Records to University Archives

You may have records that should be transferred to University Archives for historical purposes. You will need to do some review to prepare records for transfer. The following steps will get you read to work with us on transferring records to Atkins Library.

  • Survey the records to determine what you have in your office.
  • Determine what records are scheduled for permanent retention in the University Archives. Remove duplicates and records that are not schedule for permanent retention. Consult the Records Retention and Disposition Schedule for guidance.
  • Flag permanent records that contain confidential or sensitive information.
  • House all files in folders and standard size (12" x 15" x 10") boxes. Acid-free boxes are preferred.
    • Remove hanging folders, as these crush the edges of the box and damage the files over time.
    • Move records in binders into folders, copying any title information from the binder onto the new folder.
    • Replace damaged folders, copying the label from the damaged folder onto the new folder.
  • Contact University Archives staff to let them know that you have records ready for transfer. We will ask you to complete a records transfer form describing the records you will be transferring to the University Archives. A staff member will work with you to coordinate the physical transfer.
    • In most cases materials will be picked up for delivery within 2-3 business days.
  • Information about preserving and transferring born-digital University records can be found here.

If you have questions about the records schedule, about transferring records to the University Archives, or if you would like to schedule a records consultation please contact University Archives at or 704-687-1170.

For more information about the records held in the University Archives and how to access them to support the teaching, learning, research, community service, and administrative needs of UNC Charlotte, please contact us or consult our page about University Archives collections.