Microfilm & Microfiche

Microfilm & Microfiche

Microfilm and microfiche are located on the ground floor. The microfiche and microfilm reader, the ScanPro 3000, is located on the second floor in front of the Technology Services Desk.

Operating the reader

Log in to the computer with your NinerNet credentials.

If it is not launched automatically, launch the PowerScan 3000 software.

Select the type of media you are using.



Pull the film tray out and put the microfiche between the glass, face up.

Push the tray back in.

If the film is mostly black, choose “Negative Fiche Sample.”

If the film is mostly clear, choose “Positive Fiche Sample.”


Select the film type from the screen and pull out the reader tray.

Load the microfilm according to the tutorial.

Manually roll the free end to take out the slack, and push the tray in.

On the screen, use the slow fast forwarding option. Click and hold it to move through the film.


Once the image is on the computer screen, move the tray so the image is within viewing range.

Click the “Adjust” tab. Auto adjust will work for most items, though you may choose to use others.

Click “Manual Straighten” to straighten the page.

Use the green page outline to select the elements of the page you wish to save.

Click the “Adjust” tab and “Rotate 90” to rotate the image.

Click the “Adjust” tab and “Mirror” if the image is reversed.


Under the “Output” tab, click “Print” or “Save.” Pages are able to be saved to a USB drive.



Pull the tray out and take out the microfiche.


Pull the tray out.

Click “High Speed” rewind.