Technology & Equipment

Technology & Equipment

Save the Date. Area 49 Grand Opening. Tuesday, September 25th. 10-11am: Ribbon Cutting Ceremony. 11-3: Open House. Atkins 2nd Floor Technology Space.


Located on the second floor of J. Murrey Atkins Library, Area 49 encompasses the Visualization Lab, EZ Video Studio, Gaming Lab, Multimedia Lab, Makerspace, and the Teaching and Technology Theater. Area 49 is designed to encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration, experimentation, and exploration. These spaces provide students and researchers access to specialized equipment that enables Area 49 to serve as the catalyst for ideation, innovation, and entrepreneurial research and development.

Whether it is to uncover the mechanics of something small or to use emerging technologies to explain an idea, these technology-rich spaces offer all kinds of opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to think, create, and innovate. These spaces are for the curious and the determined, but also for those who are just beginning to learn the value of positive failure and experimentation.  Here, users push the boundaries of discovery and creativity and engage with ideas in new ways by collaborating with peers from other disciplines.

Area 49 extends the classroom by providing tools and resources that enable students to engage in design thinking and cultivate lifelong learning skills. While users are welcome to work in the spaces on their own, there is no shortage of support for the kinds of work that happen here. Library faculty and staff offer a variety of workshops, trainings, ideation sessions, and classes. These help students think about familiar concepts in unconventional ways, and aim to help cultivate students’ heightened awareness of how ideas form and how learning occurs.


Technology Support Desk and Technology Services

The Technology Support Desk is located in the technology wing on the second floor of the J. Murrey Atkins Library. As our hours vary based on the time of the semester, please check out the Technology Support Desk Calendar. The service desk supports all of the Library's technology services, including the Makerspace, Visualization Lab, Multimedia Production Studio, and Multimedia Lab.  The desk also provides support for Microform and the second floor print/copy/scan stations and VTS machine.

We to facilitate innovative and creative learning by providing technology and equipment lending, research and design workspaces, and technology support services.

Equipment is available to students, faculty, and staff with a valid UNC Charlotte ID and an account in good standing with the library. Equipment must be returned to the Technology Support Desk at least 30 minutes prior to the desk's closing hours to avoid late fees. Do not return equipment to a book drop.

All borrowers must comply with UNC Charlotte's Standard for Responsible Use Policy and Circulation Policies.

To learn more about what is currently happening in our technology spaces, check out the video below.

For questions, contact the Technology Support Desk at 704.687.6028 or